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Switzerland - especially our region the canton berne,  has a lot of waters with different characters. We guide you on/trough waters as follows:

(Fish species: native brown trout and / or grayling)

Aare (Winterfishing only for Grayling)

NEW 2005: Areuse

Emme & Ilfis
Hasli-Aare (early autumn only)

Small Creeks
(Fish species: native brown trout)


Mountain Lakes
(Fish species: rainbows, native brown trout, charr, namaycush)


Some thoughts/experiences about flyfishing in Switzerland:

Switzerland has a short, but a tradition in flyfishing, Swiss origin Charles Ritz is only one of famous names in our history. The movie "a river runs trough" has forwarded many young anglers to flyfishing in our country. Not as in other parts of this world, catch `n release has no tradition in Switzerland and each angler can take 6 fishes per day for eat. We Swiss flyfishers do not practice this often, but we do it , but from our opinion, taking one fish  should be enough for a daily meal - think also for our guests and especially for our wonderful nature.

Fishing in wild and majestic places

We do not stock our waters with fish in trophy or "ready to catch" sizes - if we stock them, we stock them as babys, if possible as eggs or better - we make nothing, we think it`s always better if the nature can create and going her own way and let do fish spawning by herselfs!

Swiss Brown Trout - Bachforelle

Respect the nature and catch fish also tomorrow

Mountain Lake in the Bernese Oberland I Mountain Lake in the Bernese Oberland II Waterfall and small mountain creek in the Bernese Oberland